The Australian Dodgeball Federation

The Brief
The Australian Dodgeball Federation is the national sporting organisation for Dodgeball in Australia. Their previous logo was action-packed, but unfortunately in breach of copyright laws, so they approached me to design a unique logo. Prior to starting the project they hosted a 'become the logo' photo competition, to find a unique dodge for me to incorporate into the logo. A player from New South Wales won the competition and he has been incorporated into the final design with his spectacular horizontal dodge.

The Results
The rebrand was a success, with a new logo, brand colours and website. The gold remained to represent the goals of the national team, the bright future of Dodgeball in Australia and of course, to tie themselves to the Australian Olympic community. The Australian brand was such a success that their state bodies began to request their own version of the logo. Since the brand launched, it has been featured on multiple news sources in Australia and in 2022 the brand was featured on Channel 7 as part of their World Championships coverage, as well as in 2023 for an ABC Sport highlight of the Australian Dodgeball Championships.

"We've worked with Rosie for many years and highly recommend her services. She designed our amazing website and regularly updates it with new content and features. Any requested changes have been quick and of high quality. Rosie has such a great eye for design and her services make our lives so much easier! She takes the stress out of maintaining and designing our website. We have also engaged her services for our general communications, announcements & social media content. We couldn't be happier with what she offers!"
- Jaslyn Goette, President of the Australian Dodgeball Federation
Previous Logo of the Australian Dodgeball Federation

The revamped logo of the Australian Dodgeball Federation

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