Arts on Glenside

The Brief 
Arts on Glenside is a newly established community organization formed by the residents of Glenside. Their mission is to foster a connection between the community and the arts by encouraging residents, particularly those who live alone or face limitations in mobility or transportation, to participate in a diverse range of artistic experiences. These experiences encompass gallery visits, film screenings, live theatre performances, and music events, all enjoyed in the company of neighbours. As a collective, Arts on Glenside has also joined forces with the Adelaide Central School of Arts, actively sponsoring an annual art prize for teenage artists.
Key Points for the LOGO
Community Connection: The logo should convey a sense of community and togetherness, emphasizing the bond between residents and their shared passion for the arts.
Inclusive and Accessible: The design should reflect the organization's dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, specifically targeting individuals who live alone or have limited mobility or transportation options.
Artistic Representation: Incorporate elements that symbolize various art forms such as visual arts, theatre, film, and music, underscoring the organization's focus on diverse artistic experiences.
For this logo, I knew I had to get my hands dirty and into a crafty mindset, so I put away the keyboard and mouse and instead picked up sticks and scissors. In this case, the western side of the residential area hosted a small pine grove. On an afternoon stroll, I collected hundreds of fallen pine needles* and took them home to dry out. 
Construction began with the careful selection of the straightest pine needles in the stack, and arranging them in a single circular arrangement to create a well-constructed "Birds Nest". Photos were then taken of the arrangement before I digitalised the image through Illustrator. The arrangement is now sitting happily in a green waste bin.

*No pine trees were hurt during this project.
THE Result
After presenting to the Art on Glenside committee, I was met with an astounding positive reaction, which is highly unusual for any community boards and committees. We had only minor changes to the tagline, and I packaged it up for usage by the group that afternoon.
The nest represents the Glenside community as a whole, with each branch representing a form of the arts. The typeface was selected for its beautiful simple serif style paired with a delicate and natural roughness, to represent the people of the committee who are knowledgable in the arts and not afraid to get creative. The colours chosen are to represent the bright future of young artists supported by this group, as well as a selection of palettes to represent each major form of the arts (Visual, Theatre, Music, and Literature).
Positive Horizontal Logo Lockup
Positive Horizontal Logo Lockup
Negative Horizontal Logo Lockup
Negative Horizontal Logo Lockup

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