Adelaide Dodgeball

The Brief
Adelaide Dodgeball is a locally owned and operated Dodgeball league in Adelaide. They created their brand in 2016 when it was first founded. It was a simple composition of a round ball with their initials, and a dodgeball player silhouetted within the image. Since their foundation, they have grown exponentially and now had trained several players that had gone on to represent Australia on the World Stage. They wanted their new brand to represent how they had evolved as a league and a logo that was fresh and youthful.

The Results
All efforts were highly successful, as evidenced by the December 2022 launch of their updated social media and website, as well as two major print and distribution initiatives. The logo effectively communicates the agility, strength, and sharpness of the players, while the brand's deep red colours are representative of South Australia.
Previous Logo of Adelaide Dodgeball

The rebranded logo in its horizontal lock-up.

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